From Lockdown to Success: My Journey of Resilience on the Costa del Sol

3rd June 2024
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Joanne Wilson - Sales & Operations Manager

Four years ago, my family and I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, bidding farewell to our old life and embracing the sun-soaked shores of the Costa del Sol as our new home. Little did we know that our journey would be a rollercoaster ride of challenges, setbacks, and ultimately, triumphs.
Just three weeks after our arrival, the world was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we found ourselves thrust into lockdown along with the rest of the globe. Suddenly, the excitement of our new beginning was overshadowed by the daunting task of homeschooling our children and navigating life in a foreign country amidst a global crisis.
As lockdown restrictions eased, the reality of finding employment in a post-pandemic world hit home. With my limited Spanish and the job market in turmoil, the search for a job felt like searching for a needle in a haystack. But I refused to let the challenges dampen my spirits.
Determined to provide for my family and build a future in our new home, I embraced every opportunity that came my way. From purchasing a rundown house for renovation to navigating the maze of licensing and dealing with less-than-honest builders, every obstacle was met with a can-do attitude and a sprinkle of optimism.
It was during these uncertain times that a friend offered me a chance to dip my toes into the world of real estate. Eager to learn and hungry for success, I jumped in with both feet, soaking up knowledge about the property market like a sponge. With each deal closed, I gained confidence and a sense of fulfillment, knowing that I was helping others find their dream homes.
But juggling multiple jobs—finance assistant by day, real estate agent by night, and weekend villa cleaner—was no easy feat. There were moments when exhaustion threatened to overwhelm me, but the thought of providing a better future for my family kept me going.
In the past year, my hard work and perseverance have paid off as I've risen through the ranks to manage multiple departments within the company. Today, I am proud to oversee the real estate side of the business, using my experience and passion to help others find their own slice of paradise on the Costa del Sol.
As I look back on my journey from lockdown to success, I'm grateful for the challenges that have shaped me and the opportunities that have propelled me forward. If you're considering relocating to the Costa del Sol, I can confidently say it's a decision worth making. However, it's important to understand that settling in may take a few years before you fully embrace the Spanish lifestyle. Despite the challenges, I've discovered that with determination, resilience, and a touch of luck, anything is achievable. As I look forward to the future, I'm eager to see where this journey on the Costa del Sol will lead me next.
Warm regards
Joanne – PCC Property

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