DarGlobal and Automobili Lamborghini unveil Tierra Viva

18th July 2023
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DarGlobal and Automobili Lamborghini unveil Tierra Viva. Lamborghini, the famous luxurious name in cars has teamed up with DarGlobal, an affluent real estate development company that originated in Saudi, to build 53 high end homes in Benahavís. 

This collaborative project in the Costa del Sol area of the south of Spain has been named Tierra Viva. The aim is to create an exclusive complex made up of 53 extravagant homes. Lamborghini will be making their residential mark in Europe as they step in to help with the design aspect of these new homes, to be valued at around 282 million euros. DarGlobal are also taking a serious leap into its expansion in Spain with this unique limited-edition style project. 

Each of the 53 luxurious villas in Tierra Viva can be expected to have incredible pools, various terraces, and stunning outdoor areas. The homes that will be featuring quality leather, glass design elements and gleaming marble floors will be directly accessible by car. 

It comes as no surprise to hear that this brand-new complex to be created and crafted by the duo, in Los Jaralillos, will also feature 24-hour security in order to provide a safe and secluded area for its inhabitants. 

CEO of DarGlobal, Ziad El Chaar, stated that “Tierra Viva represents more than an exclusive community; it is an emblem of luxury living. At DarGlobal, we have always sought to present a limited edition of the high-quality real estate concept to our demanding clientele. We are delighted to collaborate with Lamborghini, expanding our range of luxury brands and offering a top-notch experience in Spain,” 

The complex is to be situated in a prime area that allows for some exquisite panoramic ocean views. Three models for the villas are to be shaped with the intricate design from the Italian car brand in mind. There will be Esmeralda featuring 4 bedrooms, Zafiro that will have 5 bedrooms and finally Diamante, with 6 bedrooms.  

During the presentation for the Tierra Viva project, the CEO of Automobile Lamborghini, Stephan Winkleman, shared that “This partnership represents the fusion of the essence of Lamborghini’s luxury supercars and DarGlobal’s real estate expertise. Tierra Viva embodies the essence and power of Lamborghini, its unrestricted nature interpreted in an architectural masterpiece,”

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